Middle Fork American River

The Middle Fork American River (Tunnel Run) is an 18-Mile, Class III-IV section of river. Rich in gold rush nostalgia, and blessed with breathtaking beauty, the Middle Fork American River is located in the heart of the Tahoe National Forest, it winds its way through a deep and remote canyon with its emerald green water. Alternately, wild and serene, the Middle Fork offers a combination of thrills, excitement and quiet wilderness. The Middle Fork American River can be experienced in 2 different ways:
The most common and popular way of running this section is by rafting all 18-Miles in a day. This thrill ride is a full day of exciting rapids, mixed with a tranquil mid section and an exciting finale. The Middle Fork American River has maybe the most unique and exhilarating rapid in the world The Tunnel Chute this Class IV rapid is cutting edge in commercial rafting and such a privilege to be able to experience, it leaves you satisfied with a sense of accomplishment, and with an adrenaline rush like no other.
The other option is to take on the river in a 2-day wilderness camping experience, breaking the river in half allows one to soak in the true beauty of this super remote and vast wilderness river. We also bring along a full kitchen where we serve you 4 meals. That night the guides cook you an amazing tri-tip dinner, with BBQ chicken, garlic bread, corn on the cob, and a lush salad all while you relax literally in the middle of nowhere. Washing this amazing dinner down with a cold beer or a glass of red wine tops it all off. In the morning the guides prepare a bacon and egg breakfast to get you ready for your second day, we also run an extra 7 miles of wilderness river making this the ultimate 2-Day camping trip.
Price List:
Middle Fork American River (Tunnel Run) :
Monday-Friday $229.00 per person
Saturday-Sunday $249.00 per person
(Minimum age of 14 years old)

Middle Fork American River
(Tunnel Run) 2-Day:
Monday-Friday $319.00 per person
Saturday-Sunday $339.00 per person
(Minimum age of 14 years old)

Lower Middle Fork, American River

The Lower Middle Fork American River, 7-Miles, Class II, 3-Hour section of river. This section is a continuation of the upper section, just more suited for folks looking for a nice, mellow ride. The remoteness and the beautiful scenery is a must, it is rich in Gold Rush History and tucked away deep in the Tahoe National Forest. This section is ideal for groups that have kids that are just not old enough for the South Forks’ Class-III, or for the groups with maybe some timid or have some elderly people. This is a good beginner run in mid to late summer, when other rivers have lost their natural flow.
Boaters encounter a fun class II or II- rapid every few minutes, it also flows all summer which is a plus as well.

Lower Middle Fork American River
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